We ensure an all-year quality service for all your coffee breaks or gala to make sure that all your guests are delighted and for your peace of mind.
Breakfasts, breaks, coffee, brunches, buffet, cocktails, lunches or dinner.... The service will measure up to our offers.
For all the catering service, the caterer will adapt his menus according to the seasons, and the availability at the fresh market, giving you the quality of seasonal and fresh products.
Nevertheless, you have the possibility to hire your own caterer, on request. We wish to satisfy you with a high range quality service and not to limit your choice.
The rental package of the Karnak room and the painting Gallery is offered allowing you to organize your meeting and includes catering service.


With waiter service / crockery / .... persons minimum


Welcome breakfast ( à partir de 10 €/pers.)

2 breaks formule ( à partir de 15 €/pers.)

Formule 3 pauses ( à partir de 20 €/pers.)

Detail of the contents on request


Cocktail déjeunatoire/ dinatoire (from 45 €/pers.)

Déjeuner/ Dîner assis (from 45 €/pers.)

Déjeuner/diner Luxe (from 50 €/pers.)

Cocktail 7 pièces (from 15 €/pers.)

Vin (from 2 €/pers.)

Champagne (from 6 €/pers.)

Autres boissons (on estimate)

Detail of the contents on request

Other demand : ask for a estimate

Saint Martin services

Self-service in the room / disposable crockery


Welcoming coffee ESM ( 7 €/pers.)

Break ESM ( 7 €/pers.)

Detail of the contents on request


Déjeuner assis en partenariat avec un restaurant à proximité (from 30 €/pers.)

Plateau repas (from 25 €/pers.)

Detail of the contents on request

Other demand : ask for a estimate